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Life Cycle Description

The life cycle of one of our software products defines different phases of a product version:

Life Cycle Phases

The different phases will be described in the following subsections.

Preview Versions

Preview versions are release to test features of upcoming releases. These versions may be released internally or to a subset of our clients that wish to test them. As these are not finished products, they are not intended for production use and support for preview versions will end as soon as the software reaches General Availability.

General Availability (GA)

Starting at the date of General Availability (GA), the version of the software product will be available to all customers: existing customers with a valid Maintenance and Support Contract may upgrade to that version and new customers may purchase it.

During the GA period revisions of the product may be release that correct errors, improve existing features or add new ones.

End Of Life (EOL)

Starting at the End Of Life (EOL) date, the product will no longer be available for new customers. Revisions that may be released during the EOL period will only contain fixes for critical or severe errors. At this point our customers are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version of the product. The EOL date will usually be announced 6 months in advance.

End Of Support (EOS)

Starting at the End Of Support (EOS) date, there will be no further support nor maintenance of the product version, unless specific customers have special extended support contracts. The EOS date will usually be announced 12 months in advance.

QRR Product Life Cycles

ProductStatusGA DateEOL DateEOS Date



OpData 2.0(error) EOS2011-07-182015-10-312016-04-30OpData 3.0
OpData 3.0(error) EOS2015-03-092016-12-312017-06-30OpData 4.0
OpData 4.0(tick) GA2016-03-15

OpVision 6.0(error) EOS2011-07-182015-10-312016-04-30OpVision 7.0
OpVision 7.0(error) EOS2015-03-092016-12-312017-06-30OpVision 8.0
OpVision 8.0(tick) GA2016-03-15

OpVision 8.1(tick) GA2020-01-31