We are proud to announce OpVision 8.0

It is the result of our efforts to provide our users new tools based on their suggestions and recent needs. Final version is available since March 15th, 2016.

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What is OpVision?

OpVision is an operational risk engine implementing the advanced approaches defined in Basel II. OpVision is owned by IRB Operational Risk, a joint venture of QRR with BBVA and Indra.

OpVision is an advanced multi-platform tool that can be used by financial institutions, utility companies and other large and medium-sized firms for the analysis and quantification of operational risk.

By implementing an advanced approach that is fully compliant with Basel II, OpVision promotes the intelligent extraction, integration and exploitation of information on operational losses from different sources, including internal and external loss data, scenarios and risk control factors.

For more information visit the official OpVision website www.opvision.es.


  • Data Exploration: OpVision allows the visualization and statistical analysis of operational risk losses collected by the institution (internal loss data) and of external losses.
  • Modeling: OpVision adopts the Loss Distribution Approach (LDA) for loss events categorized by business line and risk type.
  • Capital Calculation: OpVision integrates in a single application all the solutions compatible with Basel II, including mixed (standard/advanced) models, benefits of diversification, and mitigation of capital by insurance.
  • Certified for use in a SAP NetWeaver environment.
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