What is BToolkit?

BToolkit is an Android solution to:

  • Scan to find Bluetooth devices.
  • Attach each device with one of your contacts. Easy access to their stored data.
  • Manage the list of devices as your will: sort them, filter them by type, by name, find whichever you want…
  • Share your favorite pictures or music with your contacts. You can even share your own contacts via Bluetooth, expand your friends network!
  • Real time monitoring of device broadcast signals, see them vary!


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Continuous scan

  • Scan. Search for devices until you stop or the maximum configured scanning time is reached.
  • If you exit the application when scanning you can quickly return through the notifications menu.
  • New devices found will be added to the list. Lost devices will stay until you delete them.

Bluetooth settings

  • Turn the communication via Bluetooth on and off whenever you want.
  • Setup or change your device’s name.
  • Make yourself visible as long as you decide to configure so other devices can find you. Note: your device can have maximum limit.

Attach devices to your contacts

  • You can attach or detach a device to a contact anytime you want.
  • Easy access to the information stored in your phone for that contact.

Manage the devices list

  • Sort devices by power signal, name, etc.
  • Show only devices that are contacts, are available, etc.
  • Show only mobile devices, PCs, etc.
  • Search for devices by name or by the name of their attached contact.

Share your personal files with any Bluetooth device (only in experimental mode)

  • Pair your devices previously or do it momentarily to share the information.
  • Share video, audio or pictures. Even share your own contacts with another device.

Monitorize any device

  • If the device is visible via Bluetooth, you can watch how its power signal varies through time while you scan.

Bluetooth on demand

  • Use the application with Bluetooth communication disabled if you are not going to use any operation that requires it.
  • Bluetooth communication will activate when the application starts only if you configure it so, otherwise it will be enabled whenever an action that needs it is performed.

And also

  • Timers to show the remaining time of scanning or the remaining time of the device being visible.
  • Legend of the icons in the application.

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