QRR S.L. is a consulting company focused in the development of software applications for financial risk management and derivative pricing.

Our main goal is to provide our customers with products of outstanding quality. For this reason, we pledge to:

  • Keep the customer’s satisfaction as a primary objective, providing precise, robust and effective products that meet or exceed the client’s expectations.
  • Provide flexible solutions tailored to the needs of each customer’s requirements.
  • Guarantee a quick and effective support service for a prompt and successful response.
  • Keep our personnel trained in the use of the most advanced methodologies, cutting-edge technologies and the most recent regulatory requirements, to provide solutions fully adapted to our client’s needs.
  • Nourish a pleasant and positive work environment, which we believe essential for offering a quality product.
  • Continuously improve our Quality Management System to get shorter response and delivery times and products of even better quality.

These commitments will be the premises and the framework to establish and review our quality objectives.