Who we are

QRR, a spinoff of RiskLab-Madrid, is a technological company specialized in:

  • Models for risk management, portfolio optimization and derivatives pricing.
  • Consultancy and Validation.
  • Tailor-made software development.

We have inherited more than ten years of experience, business contacts and partnerships from RiskLab-Madrid.

Our team

Our team is composed of PhD’s in science with a strong background in mathematical finance and highly experienced software engineers. These quantitative and technological profiles give us the ability to develop powerful solutions adapted to our clients needs.

Recent activity

We are leaders in quantitative operational risk management in Spain. We have continuosly evolved our operational risk engine OpVision as well as our operational risk data manager OpData.

Additionally, we have strengthened our portfolio of solutions for credit risk management with:

  • CAT: our tool for the analysis and optimization of credit portfolios.
  • CREST our solution for the rating of consumer loans, mortgages and SME’s.

QRR is at the moment involved in several initiatives in Spain and other European countries, South America and the USA.